Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicles

What we offer

We understand your vehicle isn’t just your way of getting to work — it is also key to your success.
Using our panel of trusted insurers, we’ll help you find a policy that will protect your most important tool, ensuring minimal disruption if you have an accident.

Whether it's an upcoming renewal or new vehicle, contact us about your commercial van, jeep or pickup.
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Bonus protection

You’ve worked hard to earn your bonus —
protect it in the event of a claim

Glass breakage

Optional cover to ensure the crack in your
windsreen doesn’t break the bank

Flexible driver options

You can choose between listing specific
drivers or include open driving

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How do I qualify?

Our policies are suitable for a wide variety of tradespeople such as electricians, plumbers, or carpenters, and cater for commercial vehicles under 3.5 tonnes. If have a commercial van, jeep or pickup please contact us today.

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