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Global capabilities

At a time of unprecedented globalisation and growth, it is essential to understand complex business risks, needs and human capital requirements. Through our international partnerships, Glennon is able to meet the bespoke needs of our multinational clients operating in Ireland and working along with our like-minded broker and network partners across the US, UK and many other jurisdictions to meet their Global programme requirements.

Over the last 70 years, Glennon has developed substantial commercial / property and casualty expertise in a number of key and growing sectors, and over the last 40 years, our experience has extended to the arrangement of employee benefits including pensions, life, disability, medical and dental insurance.

Today, Glennon is a dynamic and tightly focused organisation with over 100 staff — constantly seeking to grow and to innovate. Our success is based on the quality, experience and efficiency of our employees and our ability to provide total client satisfaction when delivering effective solutions and services. We achieve this by maintaining a proactive and creative approach, combined with an unwavering commitment to our clients.

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