Life Assurance and Pension
Term Assurance

Life Assurance

For the vast majority of people, losing a loved one will have a significant financial and emotional impact. A life assurance policy can alleviate some or all of the financial impact of the loss.

Life assurance is one of the simplest yet most important forms of financial planning, and the amount and terms needed depend on a number of factors. Glennon can help you identify and analyse all of your options before taking out a policy. You may want the option to renew your cover at the end of the term without having to certify medical evidence of health, whether you would like to have a single policy on your life only, or a joint or dual life policy. Affordability is also a key concern, to ensure the policy can be sustained for the term.

Pension Term Assurance

Pension Term Assurance has a double benefit of offering valuable life assurance protection, along with the ability to claim income tax relief. A company may also pay the premiums for an individual under the arrangement.

This policy can be taken out by individuals or by employers and is often linked to a sum equivalent to a multiple of salary for a term to normal retirement age. Glennon can help you or your employer analyse all the relevant factors to help you decide on the most suitable approach.

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