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Glennon Pension Calculator

The State pension is designed to meet the cost of base essentials in retirement. At Glennon, we can create a pension plan that’s tailored to helping you save for a lifestyle you can really look forward to when you retire.

The average length of retirement in Ireland is 20 years, and this is increasing with extended life expectancy. Our Retirement Income Calculator is a useful tool for projecting your future pension, with guidance on what you can hope to achieve with your retirement savings plan.


Arrange a consultation with one of our financial advisors to create a tailored retirement plan in line with your needs.
This Retirement Calculator is not the property of Glennon Financial Planning and is made available through a third party. This calculator will only provide you with a non-binding indication of your total pension fund and total monthly retirement income based on how much you save monthly, the limited information you have entered and the assumptions, which you have agreed to. For a more detailed quotation please contact one of our financial planning team.

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