Risk Management
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Claims defensibility and analysis

  • Prompt notification and investigation of incidents/claims
  • Continually improve and update record keeping
  • Proactive and ongoing training properly recorded, possibly in employee’s first language
  • Being prepared for potential legal action
  • Claims management protocols for post-event actions
  • Ongoing detailed analysis of incidents and claims, which informs future training needs and provides important information for insurers
  • We handle and manage complex claims situations


  • We review insurance and indemnity clauses — matching these to the insurance policies in place
  • We complete a “gap analysis” between insurance protection provided and liability assumed under contract
  • We can review construction contracts, supply contracts, real estate and property contracts, and many others

Due diligence

  • We work with a wide variety of stakeholders, which can include vendors, purchasers, lenders and borrowers
  • We work with legal firms, lending institutions and investors to deliver effective solutions
  • We help to identify key operational/insurable risks including environmental, cyber and employers’ and public liability related risks
  • We approach due diligence on a commercial basis – we represent the best interests for whom we are acting, based on realistic and practical positions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As)

  • This is closely linked to due diligence exercises
  • We examine and assess M&A-related risks that could impact a transaction, and provide specialist insurance solutions — examples of these are insurance to meet the requirements of warranties and indemnities, tax advice liability and insurance for contingent risks that could impact a transaction
  • We design specialist insurance products to facilitate transactions and remove potential issues that could complicate completion

Business interruption and continuity

  • We undertake insurance risk assessments to help companies protect their revenue flows and P&L profitability
  • This underpins a company’s “brand” and reputation – can you maintain your customer base?
  • As a finance director, do you know, specifically, how a business interruption claim is assessed and settled? If not, we can help
  • Are you confident that in the event of a major event your business interruption insurance would adequately reinstate your P&L?
  • Have you got or considered a detailed business continuity plan, and do you know which elements of this insurers will pay for?

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