Why do I need to know about the Policy Terms and Conditions?

The Information Leaflet (download here) is not definitive and reference should be made to the Policy wording, for full terms and conditions, in order to understand the covers available to you. We describe here the current policy in the name of the Association. The terms may vary from year to year and therefore it is important you ensure you are looking at the correct wording for the year in which any illness or accident or claim first occurs. Further information may be obtained by contacting

In the event of an accident or illness claim, loss adjusters refer to the policy wording when assessing whether or not the circumstances are covered by the terms of the Policy. In a small number of cases claims may not be paid because the circumstances of the claim are subject the terms of the Policy Exclusions, the Limits of Cover (see the Policy Information Leaflet) or do not satisfy the conditions of cover.

Life assurance claims require appropriate confirmation and proof of right to a claim. Contact Bernadette Ryan at