What to do in the event of accident, illness, medical discharge from the force, or if the death of a spouse or partner occurs

First check your pay slip for: Pay Code: 6008 – Personal Accident and Spouse Life Cover (Mandatory Covers), Pay Code: 6155 – Optional Illness (Sickness) Cover, Pay Code: 6154 – Optional Spouse/Partner Life Cover. Your pay slip must show the appropriate code for a claim to be made upon the Optional Illness or the Optional Spouse Life Cover Policies.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All aspects of the Terms, Conditions and Exclusions of the Policy are relevant and taken into consideration when determining whether the subject and circumstances of each and every claim are answered by the Policy. Please use the information contained here as guidance only. Policy Conditions and Policy Exclusions can be found in the list of AGSI Essential Documents here.

Full Policy Document is available upon request from

THE PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND ILLNESS POLICY: It is the role of the claims handler, under instruction from the Underwriters, to determine whether the particular subject and circumstances of a claim are payable under the Terms of the AGSI Personal Accident and Illness Insurance Policy. Sometimes, the circumstances of a claim may mean that additional information is required from the insured person’s (your) doctor before a final decision may be made. Although doctors’ surgeries are helpful, sometimes it can take considerable time before the required information is produced and sent to the claims handlers which can lead to a delay in reaching a decision. In such circumstances, your help in requesting the early supply of necessary information can be of great assistance.

Where temporary total disablement extends over a period of several months, additional information may be requested from the doctor from time to time. There is no cost to the insured person (you) for medical information requested from the doctor by the claims handlers. Whilst most claims are settled in a timely fashion, in a low percentage of cases the circumstances or subject of a claim may be such that the Policy does not cover, therefore the claim must be declined.

What should I do if I have an accident or become ill and need to take time off work?
If you become ill or have an accident and are prevented from working and you believe you may be eligible to make a claim it is important that prompt notice of this is given to AGSI by contacting Bernadette Ryan, at the Association Head Offices:

The claim form should be completed in full, including the Medical Authority Form. Your Doctor will need to complete the Medical Certificate. You can download and complete the Claim Form from the list of AGSI Essential Documents here.

As with all contracts of insurance, the terms and conditions of the Policy will determine whether or not a claim is admissible and can be accepted for settlement. For information about the Personal Accident & Illness Policy contact

What if I am being discharged from the Force?
If you are to be discharged from the force on medical grounds you may be able to claim for Casting Benefit. For a Claim Form Contact:

What if my spouse or partner dies?
If you have joined the scheme your pay slip will show deductions for Pay Code: 6154. Life Assurance Claims require appropriate confirmation and proof of right to a claim. For information about Life Assurance Policy or to make a claim, contact Bernadette Ryan: