Multi-Vehicle Family Policy

Family Multi-Car

Understanding your family

If a few people in your home have their own car, the insurance can get complicated. It’s difficult trying to find the right policy for your children, when most insurers refuse, and others drive up premiums for younger people.
At Arachas, we don’t hold up a stop sign to younger drivers. If you’re a careful driver, your children have probably learned your good habits. We believe in inclusivity and simplicity, and with our Family Multi-Car insurance we can bundle all drivers and vehicles together, in a single policy under one roof.

You’ll make significant savings on your family’s premiums and enhance the levels of cover — all in one convenient policy.
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Policy provides discounts for multiple
vehicles owned by members of the same

Extended comprehensive cover

Comprehensive cover can be included for
named drivers to drive other vehicles

Open driving

Open driving for non-family member to
drive your vehicles is also available

European breakdown cover

Covers your vehicles for breakdown not
just in Ireland, but Europe too

Agreed value

You will always know exactly how much
your vehicle is insured for

Automatic cover for garage vehicles

No need to contact us when having your
car serviced

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What we offer

We will capture a full picture of your family’s driving requirements and provide you with an exclusive policy with platinum levels of cover and benefits.
Although all vehicles and drivers are covered under a single policy, each vehicle is insured in the name of its owner, who will also earn a no claims bonus in their own name.

How do you qualify?

This exclusive policy would suit a family with three or more vehicles in their household, and where the primary vehicle has a value of €30,000 or more when new.
To find out more, talk to one of our qualified insurance professionals
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