Wholesalers and Distributors

Wholesale and distribution businesses operate in a complex environment. The ‘just in time’ supply chain model creates a unique risk profile that has to be addressed when designing an insurance programme. Transportation risks including motor insurance require careful review and consideration.

Understanding your business

We will work with you to develop the optimum risk profile that can be presented to insurers. Through this thorough process we will fully understand the complexity of your operations, your contractual obligations and any historical claims experience you may have.

Risk review process​

Our key objective in undertaking this risk review process is to ensure that any insurance you purchase reflects your specific needs. We focus on your approach to risk control and risk management and this in turn gives us a solid foundation for negotiating with insurers. During this process we will address both insured and uninsured risks.

Our experience

Our highly experienced and professionally qualified team have a proven record of excellence, not just in buying insurance but also providing a wide range of risk management services. These services are often crucial in helping our clients secure the most cost-effective insurance in a challenging insurance market. Managing claims is an important part of this process and we provide specialist services to address this.

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