Technology, Telecoms
and Audiovisual

As society is increasingly driven by advances in technology, businesses face rapidly changing business scenarios every day. Companies in the tech product or service sectors need to be dynamic and adapt in this complex international environment. In the face of challenging professional and product liability risks, specialist advice is essential.

Glennon’s experience

Through working with a wide variety of companies in the technology sector, we are acutely aware of the industry’s unique risk features. We have created solutions for software designers, tech manufacturing companies, service providers and telecoms organisations. We approach globalised risks with a localised focus — working with our international partners to provide optimum solutions for our clients.

Forward-thinking specialists

Glennon’s expertise in the tech sector is built on many years of working with industry-leading companies. As a future-facing organisation we lead through innovation alongside our clients, and specialise in professional liability risks. Through constant in-house training and complex professional projects, our staff are also poised to overcome emerging cyber-related risks. We develop bespoke solutions through our network of renowned specialist insurers.

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