Retail, Tourism and Hospitality

Our clients in the retail, tourism and hospitality sectors have a business model based on interacting with the public, so they have a challenging risk profile.
We support our clients in these sectors by taking a proactive approach to risk management. We help them reduce risk costs and manage claims effectively, so they can continue to enhance customer value and grow revenue in a highly competitive environment.

Our experience

We have many high-profile clients in the retail, hospitality and tourism sector, so we understand the unique risks involved in this dynamic industry.
We work with clients to develop tailored cost-effective protection — from creating insurance policies to providing risk management assistance and self-insured options.

Claims management

Our dedicated and experienced claims personnel manage each claims process, from initial notification to final settlement. We keep our clients informed at every stage, to avoid any surprises with claims activity. This solid foundation lowers insurance costs into the future, and lets us further build on their trust.

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