Public Sector

Public sector organisations must follow procurement regulations when purchasing insurance. This process must be carefully managed to maintain competition between insurers, and the formality of the tender process does not negatively impact the outcome.

Constructing the tender

Insurers often have a negative opinion of public sector organisations, as information gathering can be complicated in this field.
Glennon can help by developing a public tender process that’s meticulously planned, built on detailed information and adequate time to secure a positive outcome.

Our experience

In our many decades as market leaders, we have participated in many public successful tenders and acted as consultants to organisations going through a tender process.
We understand that public sector organisations have a different approach to risk and how insurance can be purchased. We know what’s required to create insurer competition in public tenders, and we know how to secure a positive outcome.

Risk review process

Our offering to public service organisations includes a detailed risk review, which meets all corporate guidance objectives and ensures that the board can effectively identify and manage risk.

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