Property Owners / Developers

Glennon has been a market leader in the property sector for many years, and we have pioneered many of the industry’s modern standard insurance solutions. We have long-standing and robust professional relationships with major property owners and developers, so we have a deep understanding of the industry’s associated risks.

Our experience

Our decades of working with prominent contractors and property developers has helped us forge new professional relationships with project leaders and property owners operating completed projects.
The Glennon team has provided solutions to developers on many signature projects in Ireland, bringing expertise to all stages, from design and construction, to commissioning and finally operating.

Our specialist knowledge

We know the right insurance products that will protect the investments of our clients in the property industry. Our expertise in the sector includes assessing design team risks and insurance, construction risks, revenue loss following delay, contractual and civil liability, project insurance models and inherent defects insurance.
After the development stage, the risk profile changes. Glennon will continue to provide specialist solutions and advice to property owners once the development is operational.

Managing claims

Our claims management services in the property sector include solutions in the event of major damage during development, and delays to practical completion. And once operational, public liability claims arising in retail, hospitality and many other areas of business.

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