Manufacturers and Processors

We take time to fully understand the unique features of your business so that your insurance cover is responsive to any eventual needs. Before we approach any insurer we conduct a thorough risk assessment of your company, so we can fulfil your exact insurance requirements.

Our experience

We are fully committed to protecting our clients’ revenue streams and we achieve this through our sophisticated business interruption risk assessment process. If you are in the manufacturing and processing sector, we will help protect your brand by maximising your time spent serving your own clients.

What else do we do for you?

Unfortunately, claims are a constant risk in the manufacturing industry, which creates challenges and raises insurance costs. Glennon provides a comprehensive claims management service, which protects your interests throughout the process.
We can also develop bespoke risk management programmes, to reduce your risk profile and potentially make your risk more attractive to insurers.


Glennon has an innovative approach to arranging insurance for clients in the manufacturing and processing industry. We incorporate self-insured programmes and deductibles and even captive insurance companies.
We work with manufacturers holistically to manage their ‘total cost of risk’, for example premiums, self-insured claims, health and safety costs, and more.

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