Life Sciences, Healthcare
and Pharmaceutical

This sector is highly regulated and requires a very specific approach to risk and insurance, so Glennon is constantly reviewing the industry’s evolving risks.
We have many years of experience dealing with unique supply change risks, and products liability, notably with North American exposures.

Glennon takes a specialist sector approach to the design of insurance policies and how they operate to provide comprehensive protection.

Our experience

Glennon has worked with some of Ireland’s leading companies in this sector, and we’ve built up a robust knowledge of all the relevant key risk management initiatives.
Our advice to clients is based on a deep understanding of their operations, and applying this to the insurance they purchase.

We understand insurers’ concerns in this sector, and this informs our guidance to clients through each stage of choosing the right insurance solution.

Selecting the right insurer

The Glennon team can offer guidance on the wide range of specialist insurance packages in this sector, and help clients choose the correct package based on a comprehensive risk review process.
If an international insurance programme is required, it is important to choose an insurer with a global reach.

Specialist coverage

Drawing on our industry knowledge and expertise, Glennon creates insurance solutions tailored to the needs of individual companies, and we deliver the relevant services that clients need at every stage of our partnership.
In addition to conventional asset and liability insurances, specialist covers may be available in the market for life sciences companies, including:

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