Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is a dynamic sector, with advances in technology and tightening regulations exposing companies to increasing risks and challenges.

Before approaching insurers, our specialists will conduct a thorough risk audit to understand your business — building a solid foundation for our whole decision-making process.

Our experience

We work with some of Ireland’s most prominent food and beverage companies and brands — we understand the complex risks.

Getting to know your business

We will develop a unique risk profile by analysing risks such as property damage to assets, business interruption, and legal regulatory liabilities through a rigorous risk review process..

Risk Review Process

We will make the best possible case by assessing the risks your company faces, so insurers understand your unique risk profile. We are fully committed to protecting our clients’ revenue streams — and we achieve this through our sophisticated business interruption risk assessment process. If you’re in the manufacturing and processing sector, we will help protect your brand by maximising your time spent serving your own clients.

Claims Management

Our dedicated and experienced claims personnel manage each claims process, from initial notification to final settlement. We keep our clients informed at every stage, to avoid any surprises with claims activity. This solid foundation lowers insurance costs into the future, and lets us further build on their trust.

Beyond the policy

Glennon focuses on more than the insurance your company is purchasing. We deal not only with insured risks, but also uninsured and uninsurable risks.

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