Financial Services, Consulting and Professional Services

Financial Services, Consultancy
and Professional Services

This industry sector is complex and purchasing insurance can be challenging. At Glennon we have developed a risk and insurance model that helps our clients present their risks to insurers, to achieve the best results.

Our experience

We have represented many leading professional and representative bodies in an economic environment that is constantly in flux.
These clients rely on Glennon to provide stable, bespoke solutions for helping them to effectively manage risk and purchase cost-effective insurance.

Presenting your risk to insurers

Our highly experienced team has a meticulous approach to providing insurers with all the required information well before renewal date.
We work with many different insurers, and we will partner with you to develop a plan that’s tailored to your needs — securing the best result for your company.

Supporting your business

The Glennon team will assist your company in all aspects of risk reviews and purchasing insurance. This can include contract reviews where specific insurance limits may be required.

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