Energy, Transport and Resources

As society moves heavily towards alternative energy solutions, Glennon is ready to help insure this renewable future. Navigating this environment of emerging technologies and shifting societal attitudes is challenging, and companies need to consider risk identification, complex contractual arrangements, long-term investment models and securing the correct insurance. Glennon will find a tailored insurance solution that protects your assets and revenue streams, by carefully considering all the relevant risks.

Our experience

We have been a key insurance figure for the alternative energy sector for many years, representing designers, financiers, installers and operators. We understand the long-term nature of investments in this field and how revenue streams can be analysed and insured.
We understand the contractual requirements of lenders to the sector and how they can be protected via specific insurance programmes.

Our specialist knowledge

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in this sector, with a detailed knowledge of construction related risks, alternative energy operating risks, contractual requirements and business interruption risks. We have built strong professional relationships with all the key insurers working in the sector.

Managing claims

The Glennon team’s level of innovation in this sector isn’t a finite resource. We will always anticipate and be ready for complicated claims, backed by our decades of experience and specialist knowledge. We offer our clients a level of technical expertise that guarantees a smooth claims process every time.

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