Our exclusive offers for members
of the AHCPS

AHCPS Car Insurance

We always go the extra mile with our car insurance solutions — and we have many years of looking after AHCPS members and their families.
We know there’s no one size fits all policy in car insurance, so we’ll find the policy to suit your needs — whether you’re just starting out driving or you’ve been on the road for years.

AHCPS Home Insurance

We know the value you place on your home — it’s one of your biggest ever investments, but it’s much more than a financial asset. You can protect it with a Glennon Car and Home policy that’s suited to your needs.
Our Homesure policies will give you peace of mind while protecting your family home, a holiday home or a rental property.

Family Multi-Car Insurance

At Arachas, we’re flexible in our approach to car insurance. We know people in the same age group simply don’t always behave the same, and if you’re a careful driver, your children will have learned your good habits.
Why have everyone on a separate policy? Through Glennon Car and Home, we have streamlined everything with our Family Multi-Car Insurance, so you can bundle all drivers and cars together, in a single policy under one roof.

The policy provides excellent cover, and can provide significant savings on your family’s car insurance premiums.

Our products

At Arachas, we have a wide range of insurance offers and products for you, your family, your finances or your business. Let us know today how we can help.

Coming home

We have exclusive arrangements to provide car insurance for people returning from overseas

Travel insurance

Take the stress our of your well earned holiday by making sure you have the right travel insurance policy

Why choose Glennon?

You may feel that many of the insurers and brokers you’ve approached are simply trying to sell you insurance and that it’s getting harder to talk to someone who’ll get to know you and your needs. At Glennon, our primary focus is to listen and to make sure we help you protect the things that matter to you. We believe in building real client relationships through our tailored service, expert professional advice and efficient resolution of claims.

We lead from the front, with a people-first ethos in all aspects of our business — creating a wide range of competitive insurance and risk management solutions, from personal to business and corporate groups. We have one of Ireland’s most highly qualified professional teams, and we are excited about having the opportunity to meet your needs.

Off-the-shelf solutions don’t always fit; so let us develop a dynamic plan for you, and give you peace of mind about the future.

Our claims promise

We’re here to guide you, to assist you in understanding the claims process, and to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our legacy - we’re here to stay

For over 70 years, we have been providing expert advice after taking the time to understand our customers’ personal and business requirements

Our trusted panel of insurers

We deal with all the leading Insurers in the Irish marketplace, as well as having access to exclusive international insurers at Lloyd’s and elsewhere

Let’s talk

Contact us today! We value your input and real discussions, a vital combination in order to meet your needs and to facilitate us in creating the correct plan for you, your family or your business.

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